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Types Of Fires Which Can Arise From Kitchen

Types Of Fires Which Can Arise From Kitchen

Spell is money in todayís world. And because of this it is a common to see people rushing from one place to another. In this rush, jobs are usually left incomplete, especially things are forgotten on a burning stove. One when smoke begins to arise or a fire starts, reputation is grabbed. If there is someone present in the house at the very moment, he will react instantaneously. But suppose if no peerless is at home and the pan is still burning on the stove, it is only when you return home will you find out about the incidence. If you are lucky, the neighbors will notice the show or the fire coming out of the house and will report to the fire piece.

Masterly are different kind of fires which can start in the kitchen and each one needs a different approach to handle it. Out of all, the most common type of fire which can start in kitchen is dry cooking fire. This type of fire starts from the residue of the liquid that boils out of pan. Food residue that dry out on the stove top catches fire and begins to follow. Dry cooking fire isnít formidable but the devouring produced by it can damage the area around it and the smoke can leave a bad odor and a tough residue. Cleaning the stove top regularly is a good habit to prevent this kind of fire.

When greasy or oily foods are ignited then grease fire occurs. This type of fire is very dangerous. The hot spot of grease fire can rise and reach out to the cabinets or the surrounding combustible items. And if this fire isnít taken care of within a given present period, it can grow into a big house fire. It will not only burn the entire kitchen, but the abutting rooms as well as the attic of the house. Grease fire can be big interrogation to the life of the people present in the house at the clock of fire. If the fire is inconsequential, different techniques can be used to put out the fire. First is to cut the dole out of oxygen by covering the fire with a lid. Pouring huge amount of baking soda is another sound idea. Baking soda also acts a good fire extinguisher. When the fire stops, it is very important to turn off the stove, in order to omit any additional damage. But if the fire is too high, it is better to seek for help. Because if you try to handle the fire yourself, you can face the stake of getting burned. Another important point to remember is never to use water to put out grease fire. This will cause the grease to splatter, increase the fire size. This also increases the risk of getting burned.

Fires arising from the oven are called as oven fires. Many a times this kind of fire isnít very serious. Oven fires starts in oven, which is constructed in such a way to deal with high heat. Since the supply of air is insufficient in the oven, the oven fire gets easily extinguished because of lack of sufficient oxygen.

These are the different types of fires which can start in the kitchen. The first step to be taken in case of any fire is to evacuate the place as promptly as possible. Everyone should be asked to leave the place and children especially should be escorted out of that place. The next important step is to call the fire department and account about the fire. If the fire is small, a fire extinguisher can be used to put out the fire. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the kitchen. But if the fire is spreading rapidly and is getting out of control, it is better to get out and wait for help.

A stitch in time saves nine. So undeniable is always better to clean the stove top regularly and to cook greasy and oily food on a dispirited flame. Always keep distance from the burner and avoid wearing loose and synthetic clothes.


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